Back to School

SOLSC21, Day 21

Spring break over, we were back in school today virtually. Last night, I made a mental check of my spring break to-do list. The spring-cleaning list is super-organized. Day 1, my closet and other drawers. Day 2, kids’ closets, drawers, bookshelves. Day 3, kitchen and storage room. And the list goes on. Each day, little by little, I planned to clean out the entire house, make bags of clothes and bed linen to donate, and have my overloaded house back to the minimalistic, uncluttered perfect that dreams are made of. Except that dreams don’t come true. 

Instead, I lived the (according to me) dream life. I didn’t sleep in, and woke early every day so I could have some quiet solitude before the kids woke up. I fed the birds and sipped on mugs of tea as I watched them peck away to their heart’s content. I went for alone walks. I caught up with some pending grading, a little every day. I finished some books that I was halfway through: Gone Girl, The Book Thief, and 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World. I baked. I cooked. I did some gardening and bought stands to shift plants indoors, with warmer weather setting in. I harvested my turnips. I took afternoon naps. I binge watched. I blogged. I called friends and relatives. My son asked me, “Don’t you get bored doing nothing? You must be glad your break’s over.”

Well, all I can say is, some dreams do come true.

Published by Shaista

I have been teaching in different capacities for 15 years now, from kindergarten to middle school, to even adults. I LOVE teaching, LOVE change, LOVE trying out new things. Immersion in newer teaching techniques has, for better or worse, changed me forever.

8 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. My heart actually expanded just reading about your lovely break, Shaista. I imagined you from the beginning of the week with your high expectation list and then gradually releasing your need to accomplishing tasks and just being. I truly do hope you were able to get some deep rest before you head back tomorrow. Please continue to take gentle care of your dear self. 🙂

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  2. Solitude as the ultimate break. You’re a person after my own heart, Shaista. As for the cleaning and organizing, they’re on my list as well – we’ll see how far I get.

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