The Empty Nest

SOLSC21, Day 27

The occasional plane that flies across

Makes me realize how much time I’ve lost.

I hope weI’ll be on a plane soon, too

To see my baby who’s not a baby,

To hold him close and not let go.

No pandemic no lockdowns no restrictions

We’ll come and go like we did before.

He’ll find success, he’ll do his best,

But no other place will ever be home. 

There will be more hugs and more laughter 

For now we realize how much time we’ve lost.

Published by Shaista

I have been teaching in different capacities for 15 years now, from kindergarten to middle school, to even adults. I LOVE teaching, LOVE change, LOVE trying out new things. Immersion in newer teaching techniques has, for better or worse, changed me forever.

4 thoughts on “The Empty Nest

  1. You put this so beautifully, Shaista. It is HARD to be without family. This year has made us painfully aware of all those small moments we had taken for granted. ESPECIALLY those hugs.


  2. I felt this poem deeply. My entire family is in Canada and I haven’t seen them since the summer of 2019. we had no idea at that time that it would be so. Let’s hope that “We’ll come and go like we did before” before too long.

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    1. Oh that is SO hard! I feel your pain totally! Absolutely, when we last all met, no one imagined it would be months and months before we would meet again…
      Yes, let’s all hope for the best!

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